NEW BRITISH EMPIRE - Evil, Bloody and Genocidal Imperialism
The essential feature of British imperial method: to blame its crimes on others, and rally its colonial victims, such as the Arabs, against the United States. The core of British imperial method has always been to rule through orchestrating conflict and war, made possible by systematically organizing, funding, protecting, and deploying the most irrational and violent, opposing, sides, of each and every important conflict, anywhere in the world.
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British Massacres

St. Brice's Day Massacre
In various cities of England, King Ethelred II of England ordered all Danes living in England killed.

Siege of Drogheda
In Drogheda, Ireland, Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army massacred almost all of the town's defenders and many citizens. 3,500 Irish people were killed.

Massacre of St George's Fields
British garrison troops fired at a mob that was protesting the imprisonment of John Wilkes, whose crime was criticizing King George III. Seven people were killed in the aftermath.

Boston Massacre
On the night of March 5, 1770, five American men had been shot to death in Boston town by British soldiers. Four died on the spot and a fifth died after four days. Six others were wounded.

Baylor Massacre
British infantry troops attacked sleeping Continental Light Dragoons using bayonets killing 15.

Indian Sepoy Rebellion
Brutal execution of Indian solidiers who participated in the Indian rebellion of 1857 by British canons.

The Madulla Massacre
By the British On the 9th of Dec. 1817, twenty Sinhala Buddhist Kandyans were killed by British troops.

Waxhaw Massacre
Loyalist troops under the command of British Colonel Banastre Tarleton slashed and bayoneted fallen American troops during the late stages of the Battle of Waxhaws. 113 American troops were killed.

Malaysia Massacre
By British Army Malaysian civilians which were killed by the British armed forces in 1948. Malaysian's main media outlets have featured sworn affidavits by several British soldiers who admitted the people were killed brutally in cold blood.

Amritsar Massacre
90 British Indian Army soldiers, led by Brigadier Reginald Dyer, opened fire on an unarmed gathering of men, women and children. The firing lasted for 10 to 15 minutes, till they ran out of ammunition. 379 innocent civilians were slaughtered.

Croke Park Massacre
British Auxiliary police and Black and Tans fired at Gaelic football spectators at Croke Park. 23 spectators were killed in Dublin, Ireland.

Bogside Massacre (Bloody Sunday)
British paratroopers open fired on unarmed civil rights protesters, killing 14, in Derry, Northern Ireland.

The British use the UK media for mass psychological warfare. The UK media is carefully manipulated and directed in order to create and mold popular opinion. The center of this mass psychological warfare apparatus is based outside London in the Tavistock Institute.