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The essential feature of British imperial method: to blame its crimes on others, and rally its colonial victims, such as the Arabs, against the United States. The core of British imperial method has always been to rule through orchestrating conflict and war, made possible by systematically organizing, funding, protecting, and deploying the most irrational and violent, opposing, sides, of each and every important conflict, anywhere in the world.
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European Report Condemns British Racism and Xenophobia

A report published by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) calls upon the UK to “address the hostile climate concerning asylum seekers and refugees.” The report published April 3 was adopted on June 16 2000 and follows a report which described Britain as the most hostile European nation towards political refugees. The executive summary of the ECRI report says that while certain legal changes were made in the aftermath of the 1993 racist killing of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, “Problems of xenophobia, racism and discrimination, however, persist and are particularly acute vis-à-vis asylum seekers and refugees.”

The report is the second in a series of country by country assessments undertaken by the ECRI. The first report into the UK was dated March 6 1998 and published in January 1999. In the period between the two reports, the report of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry was published on February 24, 1999. The Inquiry found that “institutional racism” had played a part in the flawed investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service, notably in the treatment of the family of the victim, the failure of officers to recognize a racially motivated crime and the lack of urgency and commitment in some areas of the investigation.

The ECRI calls for close monitoring of reports on stop and search as required by the Lawrence Inquiry and calls for “the British authorities to specifically address...the issue of over-representation of ethnic minorities in deaths in police custody.”

At a number of points in the report, the ECRI expresses its “concern at the appearance of racist or racially inflammatory material in the printed media.” It says, “particular concern is expressed at the consistent inflammatory attacks on asylum seekers and migrants coming to the United Kingdom, which have appeared in local but also some national mainstream newspapers.”

Indian, Pakistani, Black teachers facing endemic culture of racism in British schools

London, Nov. 7, 2009 - ANI: With nearly half of Black and minority ethnic (BME) teachers complaining of racial discrimination, schools in Britain have developed an "endemic culture of institutional racism, a new research has found." Foremost, and most worrying, it is clear that the incidence of discrimination reported by BME teachers and leaders within the school system is indicative of an endemic culture of institutional racism, The Scotsman quoted a study by Manchester University and Education Data Surveys, as saying. The study examined the experience of more than 500 BME teachers in English state schools to analyse how discrimination affected their careers and chances of advancement.

It concluded that most BME teachers did not believe the teaching profession was inclusive. According to the study, seven in ten BME teachers believe it is harder for them to gain leadership jobs in schools.

The findings also show that male BME teachers cite discrimination as the greatest barrier to their leadership ambitions. Among women it was the sixth biggest barrier. Almost two thirds of African teachers said they had been discriminated against, compared with two-fifths of Pakistani teachers and a third of Indian and Caribbean teachers.

Four fifths of those questioned said they were "very" or "reasonably" ambitious, according to the report, which was commissioned by the National College for Leadership of Schools. "While there is no doubt that some of those sampled had experienced discrimination, which is obviously unacceptable, this does not mean that the system is institutionally racist, National College chief executive Steve Munby was quoted, as saying.

BBC provides a platform for racism
Following the television appearance of the leader of the British National Party, a political organisation widely viewed in Britain as a driving force of racial hatred, a YouGov opinion poll taken for The Daily Telegraph indicated that more than 22 per cent of voters would seriously consider supporting the party in future elections. The National noted: "this week, after two high-profile TV programmes, both on the state-funded BBC, the country could be forgiven for wondering if racism had been revitalised. Or, possibly, that it never really went away.

Undercover: Hate on the Doorstep
Bullied, attacked and racially-abused more than 50 times in eight weeks. That was the experience of two British Muslim reporters posing undercover as a couple in Bristol over the summer. Panorama investigates the truth about racism and anti-social behaviour in Britain.
Panorama investigates the truth about racism and anti-social behaviour in Britain. Panorama Undercover: Hate on the Doorstep...

The British use the UK media for mass psychological warfare. The UK media is carefully manipulated and directed in order to create and mold popular opinion. The center of this mass psychological warfare apparatus is based outside London in the Tavistock Institute.