NEW BRITISH EMPIRE - Evil, Bloody and Genocidal Imperialism
The essential feature of British imperial method: to blame its crimes on others, and rally its colonial victims, such as the Arabs, against the United States. The core of British imperial method has always been to rule through orchestrating conflict and war, made possible by systematically organizing, funding, protecting, and deploying the most irrational and violent, opposing, sides, of each and every important conflict, anywhere in the world.
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British in All-Out Drive for Global Chaos

British intelligence is behind a fast-moving global insurgency against the nation-state system, with two major foci.

First, London is at the center of a drive in the U.S.A. and Europe, for a trans-Atlantic fascist-corporatist consolidation by early 2009, with the U.S. Presidential inauguration, and the launching of the new European Presidency, under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, abolishing sovereign nations in the European Union. The last time that London sponsored a continental fascist dictatorship over Europe, with the Hitler-Nazi coup d'état of early 1933, the United States went the other way, under the new President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who revived the American System of political economy, led a global campaign to defeat fascism, and had every intention of abolishing European colonialism, had he survived the war.

Second, London is promoting chaos, war, and ungovernability throughout Africa, Southwest Asia, South Asia, and Central and South America, activating longstanding assets and methods - to pile up crises beyond the ability of any government to handle. In a speech in Chicago in 1999, then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced this London policy as a "post-Westphalia" world of failed states, supranational intervention, and oligarchical power.

Ultimately, a new European super-state would launch rearmament and prepare for World War III, taking aim at Russia and China, following the destruction of the last vestiges of the American republic. The London Economist's chief Russia attack-dog, Edward Lucas, recently spelled out the parameters of a "New Cold War" against Moscow, in a book that is being widely promoted in Europe and the Americas (The New Cold War: Putin's Russia and the Threat to the West). And a recent edition of the Economist, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the European Union, announced plans to bring down the United States and restore European oligarchical world domination.

For London, the solution to this financial meltdown is genocidal war, and the establishment of a global monetary dictatorship, in the hands of private offshore financial interests.

An updated survey of the major global hotspots confirms the character of the London-centered drive. None of these crises are of regional origin; they all stem from British global operations, aimed at a singular effect: plunging the planet into a New Dark Age, akin to what destroyed Europe in the 14th Century.

In short, all of Southwest Asia is on the edge of regional war, with London sitting back and watching the fireworks.

Key to the South American destabilization is London's Dope, Inc. operations, which have built up a cocaine-based underground economy, that fuels insurgency through billions of dollars in dirty money. Venezuela has become a major port-of-exit for cocaine, while the country's oil revenues have been used, in turn, to further bankroll a spreading narco-insurgency, aimed at breaking up several nations. The vast funds generated by the narco-economy - estimated to be well-beyond $1 trillion annually - ultimately flow into Anglo-Dutch offshore financial havens, which, in turn, fuel the assault on sovereign governmental control over currency and credit.

Will patriotic U.S. institutions rally, in time, to defeat the onrushing drive for war and fascism, coming out of London? Will these institutions take LaRouche's lead, and line up with other leading sovereign world powers - Russia, China, India - to amass the forces to defeat the British empire once and for all?

Source: Jeffrey Steinberg - Executive Intelligence Review

The British use the UK media for mass psychological warfare. The UK media is carefully manipulated and directed in order to create and mold popular opinion. The center of this mass psychological warfare apparatus is based outside London in the Tavistock Institute.